Sam McAlister, Journalist and ex Newsnight interviews producer

“How to convince (a Prince)”

A guide in negotiation from the journalist who convinced Prince Andrew to do that interview with BBC Newsnight Just how did she get him to do it? And what lessons can we all apply to negotiation in our lives? Sam McAlister will give you all the inside stories and tips in this persuasion masterclass

John Hotowka, The Achievement Thinking Speaker

“Essential resilience building strategies to keep you going in a post COVID world”

In challenging times the key to working efficiently and effectively is resilience.

  • Learn one way of overcoming overwhelm
  • Learn a key tool to help you calm down and focus when stressed and under pressure
  • Learn a technique to keep you energised and focussed while at the same time making you more productive
  • Learn an exercise which will instantly raise your mood, improve concentration, reduce stress and burn calories even if you have restricted movement