Jonathan Gabay, Author:Practical Digital Marketing and AI Psychology

“Is marketing as it was once known dead?”

In this fascinating talk, brand psychologist and author Jonathan Gabay, discusses the next era of marketing – beyond the fourth revolution.

  • how to successfully brand a product or service in an oversaturated market
  • exploring whether AI is just PR hype
  • The talk features case studies from the worlds of crisis management to social media. It reveals how, even in the eleventh hour, there is still the opportunity to prevent marketing from being treated just a commodity – and instead -become once again treasured as an indispensable asset.

Mesi Balog, Founder – TreatYourStaff

“The shifting mindset from “My life at work” to “My life at home”

(Founder of TreatYourstaff), about the importance of workplace wellbeing, how employee engagement changed after the pandemic and how companies and employees are adapting to the “new normal”.

  • The biggest corporate battle of all times: are we ever going back to the office?
  • How our mindset is shifting from “My life at work” to “My life at home”
  • Employee Engagement today: How to create a culture of committed & loyal teams in the “new normal”?
  • The challenge: saving those powerful relationships with customers
  • The importance and benefits of prioritising workplace wellbeing

Andrius Remeikus, VP of Growth – Eventsforce Solutions Ltd

“Exceptional Delegate UX: The Key to Event Success” 

The way we interact with technology online has changed the way we expect to interact with it at events. Technology enhances the attendee experience, but only when used thoughtfully.

  • We expect to be able to interact with brands in a way that feels natural and relevant to us. How about events?
  • Smooth and enjoyable experiences, from the moment we register to the moment we leave
  • Less is more!

Jennylee Aiken, Physician Associate/Clinical Services Manager – Virtually

“A digital innovation for mental illness prevention”

A presentation on the digital healthcare revolution, use of wearables and ability to track health statistics.

  • Why digital tech for health – health tracking/motivational coaching
  • New and upcoming tech – rewards and engagement
  • What does the future hold
  • Problems and solutions